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DA FORM 4856 MAR 2023 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE. APD AEM v1. 01ES Page of Plan of Action Outlines actions that the subordinate will do after the counseling session to reach the agreed upon goal s. DEVELOPMENTAL COUNSELING FORM For use of this form see ATP 6-22. 1 the proponent agency is TRADOC. PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT 5 USC 301 Departmental Regulations 10 USC 3013 Secretary of the Army. AUTHORITY PRINCIPAL PURPOSE These records are created and maintained to manage the member s Army and...
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How to fill out da form 4856 pdf


How to fill out da form 4856:

Begin by gathering all necessary information, such as the soldier's personal details, unit information, and the purpose of the counseling session.
In Section I, fill out the administrative data, including the soldier's name, rank, social security number, and the date of the counseling session.
In Section II, describe the performance or behavior that necessitates the counseling session, providing specific examples and supporting evidence.
In Section III, outline the plan of action, which should include measurable goals and steps to address the issue at hand.
In Section IV, provide an assessment of the plan of action's success and any recommendations for further actions or resources.
Sign and date the form, ensuring that all required signatures are obtained.

Who needs da form 4856:

Soldiers who require counseling for performance or behavioral issues.
Supervisors or leaders who are conducting the counseling session.
Military personnel responsible for documentation and record-keeping.

Who needs a DA Form 4856?

A DA Form 4856 is a Developmental Army Counseling Form designed for use by the US Department of the Army.

What is the DA Form 4856 for?

This counseling form is used to document all possible counseling sessions between leaders/counselors and their subordinates/soldiers and consequently develop a counseling record for individual military personnel. The information provided in forms DA 4856 must not be publicly disclosed.  

Is the DA Form 4856 accompanied by other forms?

To be filed, the DA 4856 form does not require any other additional documentation. However, when completed, it is included to a soldier’s personnel file and kept on record.

When is the DA Form 4856 due?

The DA 4856 is submitted when needed and stored over a period of the counseled soldier’s service.

How do I fill out the DA Form 4856 fillable?

The filled out form DA 4856 must provide the following information:

  • the counseled soldier’s personal information (name, rank, and organization)
  • the counselor’s information (name and title)
  • the purpose for counseling
  • description of what was discussed
  • a plan of action for the person receiving counseling services
  • the summary including the key points of the session
  • the counselor’s responsibilities
  • assessment of the plan of action by both parties confirmed with their signatures

Where do I send the DA Form 4856?

The counselor and the military having received the counseling should keep a copy of the DA Form 4856 PDF.

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Instructions and Help about da 4856 fillable form

Laws calm legal forms guide a DEA form 48-56 is a United States Army form used for recording counseling sessions between leaders and their subordinates its primary purpose is to record the sessions in order to develop a counseling record for individual army personnel the DEA form 48:56 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command the counseling official must first supply the general information for the subject individual of the counseling session in part one write in the name rank and date of the counseled individual the counselor must give their organization and his or her name in part to the counselor will record the background of the counseling session in the box provided the counselor should write the reason for the counseling session brief factual statements of the events that lead up to counseling and any recommendations or comments from previous counselors during or after the counseling session the counselor must fill in a detailed description of the counseling session this information can be written into the box of part three or the counselor can attach additional sheets to the DEA form 48-56 and reference the attachment in part three next the second part of part three should be filled in describing any planned course of action discussed during the counseling session this can be written in the provided box or attached on additional sheets the subject of the counseling will be given a chance to read over all the comments in part three and must agree or disagree with the statements in the session closing they will have the opportunity to write any remarks in this box and must sign off on the entire DEA form 48-56 the leader will next right in their responsibilities for accomplishing the plan and will sign and certify the DEA form 48-56 after implementing the plan of action both the counseling subject and the counselor will have the opportunity to evaluate whether the plan worked or if a different plan of action is needed this information should be supplied in part four after the counseling sessions and the plan have been put in place all DEA form 48-56 will be kept on record until the issue has been fully solved or the subject individual is separated from the army to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws calm

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What is da form 4856?

The DA Form 4856 is a form used by the Department of the Army. It is a Developmental Counseling Form. This form is used to document counseling sessions given from counselors to soldiers in the Army.

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1. Start by filling out the top portion of the form, which includes your name, rank, branch of service, and organization. 2. Enter the date of the counseling session. 3. In the "Areas of Concern" section, list the areas of concern that were discussed during the counseling session. 4. In the "Counselor's Comments" section, enter the comments and advice that the counselor gave during the session. 5. In the "Counselee's Response" section, enter the responses that you gave during the session. 6. In the "Agreed Upon Action Plan" section, enter the action plan that was agreed upon during the session. 7. In the "Signature Block" section, both the counselor and the counselee should sign and date the form.
DA Form 4856 is a counseling form used in the United States Army. It is also known as the Developmental Counseling Form. This form is used by supervisors to document counseling sessions with their subordinates. It includes information such as the purpose of the counseling, a summary of the counseling session, and any agreed-upon action plans or goals. The purpose of the form is to provide feedback, guidance, and mentoring to improve individual performance and career development.
DA Form 4856 is a counseling form used by the United States Army. It is typically completed by a supervisor or a superior officer in order to document counseling sessions with a subordinate. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the supervisor or superior officer to file DA Form 4856 after completing the counseling session.
The purpose of DA Form 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form) is to document and guide counseling sessions between a counselor and an individual in the military. It is designed to facilitate open communication, provide feedback, set goals, address performance issues or misconduct, and aid in the development and improvement of military personnel. The form serves as a record of the counseling session and helps ensure that important information and guidance is effectively communicated and documented.
On DA Form 4856, also known as the Developmental Counseling Form, the following information must be reported: 1. Personal Information: The personal details of the Soldier receiving counseling, including their name, rank, Social Security Number, and unit information. 2. Objective of Counseling: The purpose or reason for conducting the counseling, such as performance improvement, professional development, or addressing specific issues. 3. Key Points of Discussion: Information about what was discussed during the counseling session, including any concerns, expectations, or goals that were addressed. This section may also include guidance, advice, or corrective actions to be taken. 4. Plan of Action: Any specific steps or actions that will be taken to address the issues discussed. This may include training, assignments, appointments, or behavior modification plans. 5. Assessment of the Plan: A section for both the counselee and counselor to provide their comments and feedback on the effectiveness of the plan of action. It may also include the timeline for follow-up or reassessment. 6. Responsibilities: Any responsibilities or tasks assigned to the counseling recipient, along with a deadline or timeframe for completion. 7. Session Closing: A section for the signatures of the Counselor and Counselee, as well as the date of the counseling session. It is important to note that the content and format may vary depending on the specific purpose of the counseling (e.g., initial counseling, performance counseling, professional growth counseling, etc.). Guidelines for completing DA Form 4856 can be found in Army Regulation 623-3.
There is no specific penalty stated for the late filing of DA Form 4856. DA Form 4856 is the Developmental Counseling Form used by the United States Army to document counseling sessions with soldiers. It is typically used for performance and professional development discussions. It is important to note that timely and accurate completion of required forms is generally expected and failure to do so may reflect negatively on an individual's performance or professionalism. However, the exact consequences for late filing may vary depending on the specific circumstances, unit policies, and the discretion of the commanding officer. It is best to consult with the respective chain of command or unit leadership to determine the potential consequences for the specific situation.
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